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Survival Kit...Altoids tin...Fishing hook, needle, napkin, 2 fire strikers, 6 straw fire starters, tinfoil, 2 bandages, mini multi tool, 5 matches, 2 safety pins, 2 birthday candles, salt, 3 feet duct tape, fishing line, sewing thread, razor blade, 2 Advil and other pills you might need, Optional..Gum

This is my survival kit I made. Very useful in camping trips and survival situations. Neat, Pocket size, and ready to GO!

For camping or survival kit

For camping or survival kit always carry a pencil sharpener in your bag or survival kit. It can be used to sharpen sticks for use in arrows or gigs and the shavings make an excelent tinder for fire starting.perfect for the inevitable zombie apocalypse

making fire with a battery and black steel wood

Materials: Steel Wool A 9 volt battery (any battery will work, but 9 volt batteries are the easiest)

Hmm, homemade fire starters with toilet rolls and dryer lint.

Dryer lint in toilet paper tube. Easy starter for the fire pit! Holy crap, this is the easiest and best idea ever. After the last two fire nights being a complete bust due to no kindling.i am NEVER out of toilet paper rolls or dryer lint!

music is why i was born

Music enters through the ears. Picture art enters through the eyes. Spoken art enters through the mouth and nose. Craft art enters through the skin. All art is to be used to heal, uplift, teach.


music is my life. I love how no matter what there is always a song out there to discernible how exactly your feeling.=) I listen to music on a daily basis

Put your iPhone in an empty glass to amplify the sound, no need for speakers! Why didn't I think of this before!?

no need for speakers. Put your iPhone in an empty glass to amplify the sound, no need for speakers! Why didnt I think of this before!

photo apps

Pinner said:Most of you have been asking what PHOTO apps I use on my iPhone to take and edit pictures. So, here are some of my favorites. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Let me know if you have any questions Photo by jayjayasuriya