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a person is drawing on a white plate with blue buildings in the background and one hand holding a pencil
Mandala and Zentangle Artworks to Inspire
coffee cups with different designs on them are lined up in the shape of hearts and words
DIY: Personalized Mugs (aka Sharpie Mugs)
The Sharpie mug - tried and tested method! Perfect Valentine's or any occasion gift!
three different pictures with scissors, tape and other items on the same table as shown
Your Mom Will Freak Out Over How Cute These DIY Photo Coasters Are
picture coasters
the steps to painting flowers with acrylic paint are shown in this collage
Diy •
DIY Polaroid Coasters; Personalized Ceramic Coasters, great for gifts! #Photography #Photographs #Craft
four pictures showing how to make whipped cream in a glass bowl with wooden spoons
Air dried porcelain.
there are four plates with lace on them
Diy bowl
four white vases with pink flowers in them on a table cloth and doily
Le Frufrù
Polymer clay vases (the tutorial is in French but the pictures are easy to follow)
a blue vase with a white shade on it
Blue Potted Accent Lamp Base
Blue Potted Accent Lamp Base
cross - stitch hearts on plates next to a notebook and crayon pencils
Welcome to gathered
DIY: Tutorial Cross-stitch ceramics - Mollie Makes
a black and white drawing of many different designs
Zentangle Sampler #2
This is shouting at me: "Make an attempt to put me in your art journal!"
six plates with drawings of girls on them
Mini plate faces .
an image of many different designs in black and white
noncat 7
ZENTANGLE PATTERNS noncat 7 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
there are many black and white plates on the table with an orange ribbon around it
I love the stark colors on this one!
several pieces of paper are laid out on a wooden table with tags attached to them
Sophisticated Salt Dough
Sophisticated Salt Dough