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Papaya Stories
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Installations by Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto. Strolling through breezy/delicate/gauzy tent worlds, exploring plushy pink organic rooms, or lying around in a giant, pink, shape-forming cushion of relaxation. Ahhh…  Those awesome droplet like hanging pieces are actually filled with spices, so the whole exhibition room smells amazing! LOVE IT!  .

Installation by Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto. I love environments and art spaces and this looks so fun to play in.

Ernesto Neto Ernesto Neto  that looks fun!

Last night I became fascinated with the Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto . The photos of his installations and sculptures completely blew me a.

By Martin Creed (Via Dardonews)

Martin Creed idea for crossing the red sea - lots of blue balloons held back to teh sides and then fall down. kids would love

Amy Judd

British artist Amy Judd‘s oil paintings, mostly of faceless figures, are absolutely enchanting. We especially love the works with feathers – they’re so mysterious and captivating.

Vintage style

35 amazing accent wall ideas to try on your walls. These accent walls break up a big room, emphasize an architectural feature, use a pop of color or add creative personality. For more paint and color ideas from our designing experts go to Domino.


jumping out of swings. now there would be a lawsuit if some school let somebody's kid jump out of a swing. do they even have swingsets on playgrounds anymore. Do schools even have playgrounds anymore?

Salon Anne Hubert La cerise sur le gâteau

Salon Anne Hubert La cerise sur le gâteau