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How To Fix Uneven Shoulders - In 20 Seconds!! #posture #posturecorrection #shoulderpain


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Experts Reveal 4 Workouts That Will Improve Your Longevity — HuffPost
7 Ways to Reverse Muscle Loss with Age!
Absolute BEST Full Body Exercise For Seniors! 30 Seconds!

Senior fitness

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The Best Exercise Type and Frequency for Bone Density
Research says *THIS* is the best way to build stronger bones
Bone building STOMP SQUAT to combat osteoporosis! | Dr. Alyssa Kuhn


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Shop Gaiam for yoga, fitness, meditation, active sitting, and wellness


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A Pilates expert says these are the five ‘essential’ moves most people should be doing - NewsBreak
Pilates Matt class with Tanya Chappell on the Suwannee River
Do this Pilates Flow Combination Daily for 2 Minutes to Increase Your Core Strength - YouTube


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Muscle Gain Resistance Band Routine for Ages 50+
3 Most Important Exercises to EASILY Get Up from the Floor
Full Body Strength Home Workout (Beginners & 65+)


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Don't Do Crunches, Try These Core Moves Instead #shorts
All of my patients know to stay away from this ONE MOVE #shorts


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10 Ways To BOOST Leg and Foot CIRCULATION Instantly!
Biceps Tendonitis Treatment and Exercises Explained - YouTube
We offer the best "get fit, stay healthy, and pain-free" information for people 0 to 101 years old. Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck have over 60 years of combined experience in the physical therapy field. We provide outstanding health information on treating yourself at home.

Health and fitness

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These Facial Exercises Can Make You Look 3 Years Younger

Face muscles

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Get Your Stomach Slim & Tight in 3 Weeks- No Sit-Ups or Going to Floor - YouTube


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How to live longer: No. 1 science-backed way to enhance longevity that doctors swear by


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Absolute Best Self-Treatment for Bicep Tendonitis and/or Strain/Tear .


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FIX Lower Back Pain in 3 Steps (...seriously!)
Fix TIGHT Hamstrings & Lower Back Pain | 2 SIMPLE Exercises
Absolute Best 10 Stretches For Back Pain & Perfect Posture!


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2 Moves That Get Rid Of Text Neck
Our full 5 minute guided routine for NECK OSTEOARTHRITIS (cervical spondylosis)!
Lying Down NECK Stretch #shorts #neckpain

Neck and shoulder exercises

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Top 3 Balance Exercises To Avoid Needing A Cane Or Walker
10-Minute Anti-Aging BALANCE Workout For Women Over 50! - YouTube
Best Standing Balance Exercise For Seniors To Stay Active & Alert! - YouTube


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3 Minute Foot & Ankle Strengthening While Sitting + Giveaway! - YouTube


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How To FIX Your POSTURE With 3 Movements (FOREVER) Updated - YouTube
#1 Posture Secret To Fix TIGHT Hamstrings & Lower Back Pain


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Only 1 In 5000 Know This About Treating Hip Bursitis
One Incredible Exercise for Strong Legs (Ages 50+)

Legs and Hips

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Achilles strengthening

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Lauren Ohayon | Core + Pelvic Floor on Instagram: "Your inner thighs are a super highway into your pelvic floor, low back and core. Doing this exercise consistently can ✅ Strengthen your inner thighs ✅ Increase your #hipmobility ✅ Strengthen your #pelvicfloor ✅ Ease your #lowbackpain ✅ Improve your orgasms Improve your orgasms because your pelvic floor and its function is a reflection of what is happening in your #innerthighs. Working on bringing more length, strength and function to your inner thighs can do wonders for your intimate life! We often erroneously think 1. We need to workout harder for results 2. We are “weak” when things hurt 3. We need more #kegels when we have pelvic floor issues 4. We need to devote 30-40+ minutes a day to see results. That is simply wro
Your 3 BEST Kegel Exercises Positions🚺🚹| Pelvic Floor PHYSIOTHERAPY #pelvicfloorphysiotherapy - YouTube

Pelvic floor

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Push Ups?? I Hated Them Until I Started Doing Them Like This! - YouTube
Quick 15 Minute Upper Body Workout with Dumbbells - YouTube

Upper body workout

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4 Reasons you are losing flexibility
Can’t Squat Deep, Do This For 90 Seconds - YouTube
6 Essential Exercises For Seniors To Stay Moving, Fit & Pain Free - YouTube

Flexibility workout

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Physical Therapists | Bob & Brad | United States

Physical Therapy

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This Is The Largest Predictor Of Longevity We Don't Talk About
30-Minute FAT BURNING Low Impact Workout - All SITTING 🙌 Full Body
How To Get Your Heart Rate Up Without Running or High Intensity Exercise #shorts


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Best Exercises For People Over 70
5 Exercises Seniors Should Do Every Day
7 Exercises you Should Do Absolutely Every Day - YouTube

Workout routine

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