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people are sitting in chairs near a wall with the word collabraton on it
Where Design Meets Science - Metropolis
Designing for Science: How Architecture Brings out Innovation in Research
Varmora Offices - Ahmedabad
Varmora Offices - Ahmedabad | Office Snapshots
Varmora Offices - Ahmedabad
a white wall with words written on it in an office building or conference room area
26 inspiring walls with corporate messaging—that look anything but corporate.
the bookshelf is made out of wood and has many shelves on each side
Skepp | Our approach
The Modern Office. #office_as_a_service #officedesign #officeinterior #interior #interiordesign #modern #modernoffice
an office with a star wars theme on the glass wall and robot statue in front
Creatieve kantoorinrichtingen
#creatieve #kantoorinrichting #creatief #creativiteit #inspirerend #vergaderruimtes #visuals #kleuren #kantoren #ruimtes #geel #oranje #groen #energie #kantoor #systeemwanden #glaswanden #geslotenwanden #scheidingswanden #kantoorwanden #kantooroplossingen #interior #office #partitions #blokker
two potted plants are sitting in front of a wall made out of black fabric
Lana Clothes - arquimaña
an office with wooden floors and glass walls, looking out onto the kitchen from another room
First Sentier Investors - THERE Building Brands & The Environments That Bring Them To Life -
a white chair sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a glass wall
COORDINATION ASIA's office in the Shanghai Museum of Glass Park N1 Tower.
an abstractly designed table and chairs in a room
Resources: 1960’s Paris Office Complex Gets an Electrifying Update by Saguez Workstyle - Interior Design
1960’s Paris Office Complex Gets an Electrifying Update by Saguez Workstyle
a man sitting at a table in front of a window with polka dots on it
Warm welcome for fledgling creatives...
a man walking in front of a white wall with lines on it and a glass door behind him
AFME Offices - London | Office Snapshots
there are two pictures of the inside of a room with red and white letters that spell out camper
Camper Store, New York // Shigeru Ban - Now you see it, now you dont!
the wall is decorated with green and yellow pins on it's side, along with a bench
Stuart Hartley
Stuart Hartley