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many different emoticions are shown in the same language
Magnetic Maori Feelings - Emojis
Magnetic Maori Greetings | Teaching Resources
an image of children's cartoon faces with words in the middle and bottom corner
Feelings in Te Reo. Maori Aotearoa / New Zealand native language
Maori body parts                                                                                                                                                      More Waitangi Day, Maori Symbols, Māori Culture, Maori Designs, Maori Art
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Maori body parts More
an image of a cartoon character with many words in the language and pictures on it
Springston Te Reo : Teaching Resources
an info poster with different types of symbols
Mr. P's Mythopedia
MAUI, the demigod, trickster and mythological hero of Polynesia, Hawaii and of the Maori people. #Maui #Mythology #Infographic #Polynesia #Hawaii #Maori #MrPsMythopedia
an image of horses in different poses
19 Horse Clip Art: Horses Clipart!
FREE Horse Printables
a drawing of a man in native clothing
pukunui - Google Search
an image of a man with a hat on his head and holding a banana in his hand
World Of Pukunui
pukunui - Google Search
pukunui - Google Search Teaching Resources, Comic Books
World Of Pukunui
pukunui - Google Search
a drawing of a girl with a spear and heart shapes around her neck, in front of a white background
two cartoon characters are standing next to each other, one is holding a lollipop
Maori Printables
May 2010
a watercolor drawing of a dog house with a fence and two totems
simple maori drawings of boys - Google Search
the drawing shows how to draw children's faces in different positions and sizes, with numbers
Maori Printables
simple maori drawings of boys - Google Search