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Jill Biden on 'The View': Trump 'Can't Put a Sentence Together,' Calls Election Re-Match Good vs. Evil
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885 reactions · 449 shares | Republicans need to be aware that this foreign aid bill, supported by Mitch McConnell and almost all of Senate GOP leadership, sets in motion the next hyper-partisan Trump impeachment (before he’s even elected!) @drrandpaul | Victorious Jenny | magalotta · Original audio
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Wow... | By MAGADoodle | Sunday, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, called the President of the United States and Impostor Speaker of the House, called the President and impostor the guy, 60 - Three million people voted for the guy who won an electoral College landslide. The Speaker calls an impostor. That's what's happened to our country to The Speaker statement says it all the Democrats have never accepted the will of the American people. Democrats don't trust the American people American people who want to send someone to this town who is willing to shake it up a bit. They don't trust that and they have tried to do everything they can to undo what the American people decided on November eighth 2016 they've been out. The presence of the day he was elected the whistleblowers lawyer, the whistleblowers legal team, said this January thirtieth 2017 President been in office about a week who has started first of many steps next sentence. Impeachment will follow. Ultimately I guess we're in the final step started started three and a half years ago. Congressman Toledo This Congress first day of Congress, said he's the President, Representative, Green said. If we don't impeach him, the President is gonna win reelection. We gotta do it. Most importantly, most importantly, five Democrat members of the Committee voted to move forward with impeachment before the phone call ever happened. The truth is the attacks actually started before before the inauguration even before the election. The ranking member talked about this is opening statement. July 2016. Fbi opens investigation So-called Trump, Russia coordination collusion, which was never there open investigation spied on two American citizens Associated with the presidential campaign. My guess is that's probably never happened in American history, but they did it. And for 10 months, Jim Comey's Fbi investigate the President guess what after 10 months they had nothing and you know why we know that cuz when we deposed mister Comey last Congress, he told us they didn't have a thing No matter special counsel Mueller gets appointed and they do a two year 40 million - Dollar 19 lawyer unbelievable investigation and guess what they come back and they got nothing, but the Democrats don't care. So now we Bunch of depositions in the bunker in the basement of the capital witnesses who aren't allowed to answer questions about who they talk to about the phone call. We get this all based on some anonymous whistleblower no firsthand knowledge bias against the President. These facts have never changed. We learned this right away who worked with Vice President Biden, who wrote a memo the day after somebody talked to him about the call, but waited 18. To file a complaint 18 days to file a complaint, what are you doing those 18 days? We all know rain off and talk with chairmanship staff and then higher higher. the legal team that I just talked about that. I just talked about one of those steps in the whole impeachment as his legal team has said. This is scary what these guys are putting our country through it is it is it is sad. It is scary it is wrong and the good news is the American people see through it. All they know the facts are on the President's side. as Representative Stefanics said. Four facts will never change. We got the transcript, which they never thought the President would release shows no coordination, No conditionality, no linkage. We got the two guys on the call President Trump President Lindsey, who have said nothing wrong. No pressure. No. Here we got the fact that Ukrainians didn't even know aid was held up at the time of the call, and most importantly we have yet to have one witness tells us that the any any evidence from anyone that that presents Lindsey did anything on investigations to get the aid released. Those facts will never change. The facts are on the President's side. The process is certainly not it has been the most unfair process we have ever seen and the American people understand that those 60 - three million Americans. They understand it I think a lot of others do as well. They see what this is this for what it is and they know this is wrong and especially wrong just 11 months before the next election.
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