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He's nervous about our date tommorow night:)

Can u plz start wearing the beanie again? I mean come on it is cold outside babe.

Luke Brooks (janoskians)

Most perfect boy in the world no one understands how much im inlove with guy im gonna make my self cry i love him that much just think about my love for him makes me cry because its the stongest feeling ive ever felt

This cracks me up

This is a slut shaming and it ticks me off. Fuck off guys, she just wants to pose cute abd you're calling her a slut. If wanting a man makes you a slut then there are a lot of sluts. And whats wrong with being a slut?

One direction

Zayn: how does this thing work? Harry: what the hell is that? Liam: is that a car coming towards us? Niall: damn that girl is cute Louis: touch my girl one more time douche…I dare you