Burn down the mountain

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a church on fire burning in the dark
The American Church Is on Fire and Has Been for Decades: A Priest Writes What He Really Thinks
a fire hydrant spewing out water on top of a building with spires
Sept. 2, 1993: St. Mary's Catholic Church fire in downtown Fort Wayne
38 People who are having one hell of a bad day.
38 People who are having one hell of a bad day.
an image of the earth from space showing land and water on it's surface
two hands reaching up to the sky above a green field with clouds in the background
a large fire burning in the middle of a parking lot at night with street lights
a basketball hoop with fire coming out of it
5 Emerging Artists to Watch at Sunday, Frieze's Gallery-Led Satellite Fair | Artnet News
a mirror sitting on top of a lush green field under a purple sky filled with clouds
an old bathtub sitting in the middle of a garden filled with wildflowers
aesthetic///vintage - ☆flowers
there is a tree house on top of the clouds
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the inside of a passenger train with flowers and grass in front of it at dusk
a street sign that is above the clouds in the day time with moon and stars on it
the interior of a train with flowers growing on the floor and inside it is empty
dad wh3r3 are w3 g01ng