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~This is how I feel right now. The struggle is so real. Ready for sunny skies in the morning.

The sea hides many things below its dark waves.

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The stormy suface of the ocean called to her.

By the sea

Autumn Harvest Bowl with Kale Sprouts & Sweet Potatoes

blue sea | blue sky

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Sunset, from the (43-degree) water.

highenoughtoseethesea: Sunset from the water.

motivationsforlife: “Cimmerian by Warren Keelan”

Beautiful depth into black water.

anybody else noticing coral patterns everywhere??

Found Patterns: White Coral -

Coral -- looking at this makes me think of laying pretzel sticks on a cookie sheet on parchment or waxed paper and pouring orange candy melts over, then sprinkling with white sprinkles. Maybe for an aquarium cake or a fish-themed party snack.

A Soft Coral Gorgonian Filter Feeding With Its Polyps Extended Stock Photo 80578362

Magnified Nature - low power scan of bone; natural textures; organic pattern inspiration

Bone of a person with osteoporosis. From the Bone Research Society of Britain.

Gills of the Oyster mushroom by Carla Wick | "These mushrooms look remarkably like oyster shells and, in some imaginative people's opinion, even taste like oysters."

Mushroom Gills with sculptural shapes & intricate textures; line patterns in nature