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Copper earrings with a Azure Patina

Ore Wander Jewllery,Copper Earrings,Azure

Copper earrings with a Azure Patina | Felt

Danburite & Rubalite Wings | Felt

from Felt

Bird Bunting

This delicate silver Bunting with Textured flags adorned by birds is so summery and makes me feel like having a garden party! The bunting length is and the flags are each long The total length of the necklace including the chain is long

Bird Bunting | Felt

from Felt

Copper Earrings

Simple beaten copper teardrops. The sud and butterfly are Silver with a small silver plate on the back so the copper dose not effect your piercing. Total length Drop at the widest point

Copper Earrings | Felt

from Felt

Opal Aura Set (Pendant & Earrings)

Amp Earrings,For Earrings,Ore Wander Jewllery,Aura Set,Opal Aura,Pendant Amp,Auras,Opals,Pendants

Opal Aura Set (Pendant & Earrings) | Felt

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Silver & Red Leaf Ring

This Ring is made from silver With a striking red anodized aluminum cabochon, decorated with a leaf pattern. The ring is striking and fun. The Shank (bit that goes round the finger) is wide the Cabochon is x The ring is size R.

Silver & Red Leaf Ring | Felt

from Felt

Sapphire Stack Ring

This dark Sapphire is set in a simple band ring, it has a beaten band and a thin band with it which can be worn in any combination. Size S I can make similar rings in other sises and with other stones But the price may differ

Sapphire Stack Ring | Felt

from Felt

Tourmaline Stack Ring

Ore Wander Jewllery,Tourmaline Stack,Snail,Stack Ring

Tourmaline Stack Ring | Felt