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hugs meme


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use as you want, no need to credit <3 #meme

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Seven Deadly Sins OC Meme by Avul on DeviantArt


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the four squares are labeled in black and white, with words on each side that read can kill you at a beat
an image of a table with the names of hair styles and their corresponding words on it
Hair 👩
a table with some words on it and an image of the text that says, why they
why they got sent to therapy - oc chart
#template #chart #alignment #character #charactertemplate Personality Sheet, Chart Alignment, Alignment Chart Template, Alignment Charts Funny, Drawing Items
A fight breaks out alignment chart template pls credit if used 🫶
#template #chart #alignment #character #charactertemplate
an image of a table that has the words in it and some other things on it
Meme Chart template by me!! no credit
use as you want, no need to credit <3 #meme
the four squares are labeled with different energy sources
what do they drink? soda like coca cola or pepsi water tea or energy drinks
What do they drink?
This is my first allignment chart, if used please don't remove the @
a table with the words dress casual and other things to describe in each word on it