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Paul teaches us in Galatians 5, that it is for freedom that Christ has set us free. But so often we find ourselves stuck - entangled by sin, by mindsets and beliefs that hold us back from experiencing the freedom Christ purchased for us on the cross. This series explores the gospel truths that Paul unpacks in the powerful letter to the Galatian Church - truths that will enable us to stand firm and enjoy our God-given freedom. Find this devotional at…

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Hope can seem like such a fragile thing - but biblical hope is strong and capable of holding us firm throughout the seasons of life. Explore what Scripture has to say about hope and discover the truths that will enable us to live anchored by it. Find this series here -

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We're all on a journey and the path isn't always easy, but we can trust that God is not only with us, He's for us! He is our Shepherd who will lead and guide us, showing us the right way. Discover afresh the goodness of God in every season as we unpack the beloved psalm, Psalm 23. Read more here -

The Good Shepherd

We often associate great faith with the ability to do great things - with taking risks and 'stepping out' - but great faith also exists in places of quiet, in the ability to be still and wait. This series is all about slowing down to hear God and what He is saying about the situations and challenges that we face. Read it here -

The Power of Quiet