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button snowman card or scrapbooking

White buttons for snowcouple, little ribbons for scarves, and. maybe toothpicks for arms? I can't tell what this person used for the snowcouple arms.

Click on image above to head on over to Pinterest. I knew as soon as I saw this design that it was something I wanted to fly with. It's so simple, yet so lovely. After a quick trip to Michael's I w...

A homemade Christmas tree card (or invitation or gift tag) that doesn't require special equipment or too much work. Use a lollypop stick (or something similar) as the trunk, ribbon as the branches and a gold star as the topper.

Whenever Christmas, we all like to send postcards to our family and friends. But if the postcards are made by ourselves, it will have bigger meaning. At least, it shows they are in your mind and you are willing to do something for them. What’s more, you will have fun freely choosing your favorite pictures, […]

Homemade Christmas cards done by hand can make Christmas more traditional. While most people display their generic store-bought Christmas cards, yours will be sure to stand out. Here is a list of some creative homemade Christmas cards we’ve found.