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(image) What a great idea for the kids / grandkids! Perfect DIY project & recycle those used / broken crayon pieces, too. Would make for a great party favor, gift for Valentine's Day (or other occasions) or gift from Teacher to Students! Love it!

Peach Raspberry Lemonade Spritzer |       4 cups water     2 cups coarsely chopped peaches     3/4 cup sugar     1/2 cup fresh raspberries     1 cup fresh lemon juice     4 cups ice     16 oz seltzer water

Perfectly refreshing for summer! Peach Raspberry Lemonade Spritzer via Godden Godden Godden ♥ Taylor mnsar Saad n' Focus

I'm so lucky to have such a gentleman for a boyfriend! So supportive!

That's what i need, someone to accept my past, support me in the present, and love and encourage me in the future.