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color pencils- this makes me happy. that feeling you have on the first day of school with all your new supplies :)
Sculptures made with coloured Staedtler pencils by Lionel Bawden
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What I find inspiring from this picture is the combination of colors and how they are swirled together. The gold accent is also a really nice touch and makes all the colors pop. I can see any female from her teens to her 30's using this case which is a great broad target audience; I would love to create a non-discrimatory design such as this.
J'aime bien cette œuvre car je trouve le contraste de couleur particulièrement beau et original. J'e pense que l'artiste qui a pin cette œuvre voulait plus pratiqué l'arts abstrait et les fassons d'appliqué la peinture de diverse manière. Je trouve sa jolie d'inséré plusieurs forme dessue des bouts de peinture.
Colourful zentangle and optical illusion... a beautiful picture!
A richly coloured picture of a fairy with butterfly and moths in the branches of the great tree.
Pencil Board - Very simple idea, Coloured pencils glued to a board in a pattern 60 x 60 cm.