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two pictures side by side, one has apples and the other has flowers in them
Campus Kids NJ Staff Resources
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three fish are sitting on top of a piece of wood
pinterest peixes de barro
Resultado de imagem para pinterest peixes de barro
some very cute looking clay faces on a table
a woman is working on some kind of sculpture
How to Make a Coil Pot? Step-By-Step Pot Construction Lesson
How to Make a Coil Pot? Step by step coil pot construction lesson
an owl ornament hanging from a tree branch with the words send on it
Gartendekoration -
a ceramic figurine that looks like a bird with big eyes and beaks
Birds: 5th: Clay (model, pinch) - love the mixed media wire and beading!
a blue bird with orange feathers on it's head sitting on a wooden fence
Pinch Pots Ideas | Pinch Pot Ideas / Pinch Pot Clay Birds- Turn an ordinary pinch pot ...
a painting is hanging on the wall next to two other pieces of art that have been made out of flowers
Cassie Stephens
there are many different designs on this glass bottle that is made to look like fish
Clay slab aquarium/terrariums, 3rd grade
These adorable clay aquariums and terrariums have been a welcome change to my 3rd grade clay curriculum - everyone really loves them! This l...