Okareka Dance Company

Okareka Dance Company

Okareka (or - ka - rek - a) A young, vibrant contemporary dance company with a rich Maori heritage from New Zealand.
Okareka Dance Company
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Calico Flower

Calico Flower - Aristolochia littoralis or Aristolochia elegans This was the vine at our house on Webster, cool blossom like a pitcher plant

A miniature to medium sized, cold growing terrestrial orchid that is found in the Aegean, Albania, Crete, Greece and western Turkey in short...

the horse-shoe ophrys: ophrys ferrum-equinum. a miniature to medium-sized cold-growing terrestrial orchid that is found in the aegean, crete, greece and western turkey in short grasslands, scrub and open woodlands at elevations up to 1100 meters

Sara Tree Flower

Flower from the cannonball tree, aka Sara tree, Couroupita guianensis. A deciduous tree native to Central & South America, also in other countries. The tree is sacred to Hindus and is grown around Shiva temples.

Melaleuca pulchella

Melaleuca pulchella, commonly known as the claw flower, is a woody shrub of the Myrtaceae family native to Western Australia.

Couroupita Guianensis

Diane Cowling-Franklin Flower of the Cannon Ball Tree (Couroupita guianensis)