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a green vase with an eye on it sitting on top of a wooden table next to a piece of rock
Altered shot glass. Hand sculpted dragon shot with hand painted glass eye. SOLD
an eyeball is shown in the middle of some rocks
Reserved for a Very Special Customer Greg Steampunk Necklace | Etsy
Steampunk Necklace Sightmares Eye Bronze and gold dust by DrBrassysSteampunk, $40.00
a hand is holding a jar with an eye in it
Dragon Eye Trinket Jar by Heather's Craft Studio
a close up of a sculpture of a dragon's eye on a black surface
Lisa Dragon eyes
a green dragon's eye is hanging from a chain
First time working with polymer clay... created a pendant with one of my hand painted dragon eye's
the eye of a dragon is shown in this close up photo, with blue eyes
the eye of a dragon with orange eyes
I see you! Gothic, Bijoux, Jewellery Making, Eye Necklace, Jewery
I see you!
a close up of an animal's face with blue eyes on a white background
Polymer Clay Dragon's Eye Tin by RoyalKitness on DeviantArt
Polymer Clay Dragon's Eye Tin by ~RoyalKitness on deviantART
two pictures of the eyes of a dragon
Black Dragon Eye Brooch by Caerban on DeviantArt
Black Dragon Eye Brooch by ~Caerban on deviantART
an eye made out of plastic and some other things to make it look like they're
Here another #DragonEyePendant I sculpted using #premoclay. I also added some resin to the glass eye to get rid of any scratches and to make to eye look glossy and watery. I might put a gloss finish so the colors will pop a bit more but I love the colors. What do you think? #dragon #fortheloveofdragons #handmade #oneofakind #sculpture #glasseye
a close up of a brooch with an eye
Флешмоб "О себе" - irka_knopkina
Здравствуйте все :) Не умею и не люблю рассказывать о себе, но попробую. Что получится - не знаю, строго не судите) Меня зовут Ирина, мне 37 лет, живу в небольшом…
several pictures of different types of necklaces and pendants with dragon eyes on them
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four different types of brooches on a wooden surface, each with an eye
Dragon eyes by xHideFromTheSunx on DeviantArt
Dragon eyes by xHideFromTheSunx
a white dragon's eye is shown on a table