Human Alastor❤🖤

Hear me out WHY HE KINDA- trust me. as you scroll play "hidden in the sand - Alastor cover" on Spotify. you'll thank me later 😘
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two men standing next to each other holding beers
vox x alastor
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a man with red hair and glasses is holding a paper in his hand while sitting on a ledge
two comics with headphones on and one in black and white
a boy is holding a green alligator in his arms and looking at it's face
He really said: oh shi- (5/6)
🦋Art by _nedned_x on Twitter🦋 #alastor #humanalastor #humanalastorhazbinhotel
two people standing next to each other in front of a sky with birds flying overhead
a drawing of a boy and a cat on a table next to a spiral notebook