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an image of a tattoo design on the back of a shirt
two women with their faces painted to look like they are holding a rose in each other's hands
...::: Higgo Cabral :::...
a woman holding a red rose in her hand
a drawing of a rose with eyelashes on it
Rose Face by MuddyGreen on DeviantArt
a drawing of a human skull with the words strong woman looks danger in the eye and gives it a wink
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an image of two lions that are touching each other's noses with the caption saying, courage doesn't always roar
Picture by - Inspiring Photo
two skulls in the shape of a heart with an arrow sticking out of it's side
from S to P, Heri Shinato
a woman laying her head on a lion's face with the caption that reads, guardo uno qui que a alignen, es un placer dedicare tempo
a drawing of a lion hugging a woman
Siempre estaré contigo.
a drawing of a woman and a lion with their faces close to each other's heads
Martina Billi y Crisbel Robles. Exposición