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an advertisement with the words exploring data about our manu on it and a bird flying above
Exploring data about our manu – Slideshow
the number of birds that can be seen in this info sheet is shown on blue background
Te Tatauranga o ngā Manu Māra o Aotearoa – exploring data
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Evidence of climate change in Aotearoa
a pyramid diagram with the words'data'and'wisdom'in different languages
Data and how we use it
a poster on the wall that says dr t taka keggan with many different things in it
ChatGPT and Māori data sovereignty
a man with long hair and glasses standing in front of a river wearing a black jacket
Scientist pokes holes in water data
a man kneeling down in the grass while working on something with a drill and an electric tool
Why does logging your trap results matter?
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Rachel Fewster: saving lives using statistics - UOA NEWS
a woman sitting at a table with a laptop and calculator
Mathematics and Statistics | Education Portal
Mathematics and Statistics curriculum resources featuring data sets, PowerPoint presentations and powerful road safety contexts relevant to young people’s lives. Included are NCEA Level 1 and Level 2 statistical inference resources for AS91035 and AS91264. AS91263 Design a Questionnaire is now supported with teaching resources, see below.
a large group of people gathered together in the shape of a pie chart on a white background
Sample size: A practical introduction – STUDENTS FOR BEST EVIDENCE
The sample size is the proportion of the general population that are taking part in the study. In most cases, it’s important that the sample chosen is representative of the wider population, so that any conclusions drawn from the study can be reasonably extrapolated to individuals who did not directly take part.
a close up of a person holding a small insect
Mathematics and statistics in a real context — SLH STUDENT ACTIVITY
Can we make New Zealand pest-free? Mathematics and statistics in a real context Urban ecosanctuary ZEALANDIA, with support from WWF New Zealand, has produced a comprehensive teaching resource supporting schools to explore the pest-free vision with students. This series of lesson plans focuses on students becoming actively involved in contributing to a pest-free New Zealand.
a poster describing how data collected, processed and analsed in our classrooms'some teacher ideas
Making sense of data
In this recorded professional learning session, Andrea Soanes and Lyn Rogers explore how teachers can confidently support their students to interpret and make sense of the data they collect. The focus is on how to engage students in science and to build their understandings of the nature of science whilst developing their science capabilities. This session will be valuable for both primary and secondary school teachers.