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a male in a white lab coat is looking at something with a microscope on it
Kiwi scientists develop world's first algae-based pain medication
New Zealand scientists have discovered a way to produce the world's first algae-based pain medication.
there is a sculpture on the table that looks like it's made out of clay
Pōhā (part of Mahinga Kai) - IMAGE & INTERACTIVE
Spirulina, Nutrient Dense
Tahi Spirulina - VIDEO
an image of some green plants under microscope glass
Growing spirulina - SLH T&L RESOURCE
an aerial view of green leafy plants
Algal bloom
an underwater view of some rocks and water
Antarctic algae
the inside of an industrial building with pipes and wires
Gourmet algae
a rock sitting in the middle of water with algae on it's surface and plants growing around
New Zealand Subantarctic Islands coralline algae - SLH T&L RESOURCE
some plants that are growing on the side of a white wall with writing underneath it
Is algae the new kale?
the floating forests logo is displayed on a blurry background with an orange fish in it
a woman is standing in a greenhouse with green algae
Multi-talented macroalgae - RNZ
two pictures of an object made out of straw and rope, one is wrapped in twine
ARTICLE Pōhā – rokiroki kai - SLH T&L RESOURCE
an image of a plant that is in the water with words describing it's functions
Love Rimurimu - Planning pathways - SLH PLD INTERACTIVE
several children are standing around a table with trays of food
Love Rimurimu - an ocean of potential – SLH COLLAB with MOUNTAINS TO SEA
a graph shows the number of cases that are currently rising
Daily case numbers are increasing ...This simple mathematical concept gives us reason for optimism