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an image of a diagram of the structure of a wool fiber structure and its properties
Wool fibre structure and properties
ANIMATION: This interactive shows the cellular structure of wool fibre and how this relates to its properties.
a black and white photo of an object that looks like it has wavy lines on it
Wool fibre properties
Wool fibre properties - TEACHING RESOURCE: Wool’s range of desirable properties make it a valuable material for many different purposes, from high-end fashion to fire-resistant products and heavy-duty carpet. Discover how wool’s unique structure creates its many desirable properties.
a diagram showing the parts of a sheep's body and how to use it
Everything But the Baa... | Farm Credit of the Virginias
Everything But the Baaa...a Fact Sheet about the many products made from sheep with a corresponding worksheet and answer key!
the structure of an animal's cell is shown in black and white, as well as
Exploring wool fibre properties
Exploring wool fibre properties - STUDENT ACTIVITY: In this activity, students explore the microstructure of wool fibre and how it relates to the properties and uses of wool. Purpose This activity will help students understand how the microstructure of wool creates its properties and determines its suitability for particular products.
an image of the inside of a nemeal and its functions, labeled in blue
Transgenic cows making therapeutic proteins - SLH T&L RESOURCE
a close up of a bug on the ground
Dung beetle mania - SLH T&L RESOURCE
a herd of cows standing on top of a lush green field next to each other
Cow genome released - NEWS
a sheep standing in the grass near a fence
Ethics in sheep breeding - SLH UNIT PLAN
a sheep standing on top of a lush green field next to a wooden fence with barbed wire
The need for easy care sheep - SLH T&L RESOURCE
a person is holding a small animal in their lap while it's being fed
Landcare Research and TBfree New Zealand – Eradicating Bovine Tuberculosis
a large red deer standing on top of a grass covered field next to a mountain
Threats to takahē - SLH T&L RESOURCE
a herd of white sheep standing next to each other
Low-methane sheep
large industrial washing machines are lined up in a row and ready to be used for laundry
Breeding low methane sheep - SLH T&L RESOURCE
two white sheep standing next to each other on dirt covered ground with wooden slats
Heritability of sheep traits
an old man standing in front of some sheep
NZ sheep farming changing influences - SLH T&L RESOURCE