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two men standing next to each other in an apple orchard
Discussing apples in the orchard
Discussing apples in the orchard: Brett Ennis and Richard Volz discuss a new apple variety in the orchard at Plant & Food Research in Hawke’s Bay.
two women sitting at a table talking to each other in front of a group of people
A consumer focus group
A consumer focus group: Christina Bava discusses the red-fleshed apple with a consumer focus group to find out their response to the red flesh and how they might use such an apple.
a woman looking through a microscope at something
Tracking pea crab larvae
Tracking pea crab larvae: Jessica Feickert (Leigh Marine Laboratory) checking pea crab larvae using a light microscope. Jessica reared pea crab larvae in the laboratory and identified several larval stages for the first time.
a woman looking through a pair of scissors
Mānuka honey sampling
Checking Mānuka honey quality
two men are standing in an office with boxes of apples on the table and one man is looking at something
Testing a possible red-fleshed cultivar
Breeders at Plant & Food Research (PFR) are developing a new red-fleshed apple cultivar. Here, Richard Volz (PFR) and Brett Ennis (Prevar) t...
three men in white lab coats eating ice cream
Scientists taste enriched ice cream
Scientists taste fish oil enriched ice cream at Massey University pilot plant.
two men in white lab coats standing next to each other with equipment on the floor
Extruding taewa snacks
Extruding taewa snacks involves forcing the hot mixture out through a die.
two people in lab coats working on computers
Testing nutrient content
Testing the nutrient content of taewa.
a man holding a lighter in his right hand while standing next to a green locker
Dr Stewart Collie at work
Dr Stewart Collie of AgResearch, Lincoln demonstrates the flame resistance of a new fabric.
a man working on a piece of furniture
Testing stab resistance
Testing stab resistance of a new material using standard testing equipment.