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A selection of science resources that look at research from a Māori world view and profiles that look closely at the mahi of Māori scientists
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the learning benefits of a knowledge system approach to science
Learning benefits of a knowledge systems approach to science
a drawing of a tree and its roots on a piece of paper with words written below it
Creating kōwhai infographics
several people are standing on the sidewalk near some trees
Observing kōwhai | Āta titiro kōwhai
a group of children sitting around a white table working on art projects with their teacher
Planting kōwhai seeds | Whakatōngia kākano kōwhai
Trees, Explore, Challenge, Focus, Focus On, Students
Collecting kōwhai seeds | Kohikohia ngā kākano kōwhai
several people are working in the garden together
Exploring kōwhai mātauranga in the classroom
a colorful bird perched on top of a tree filled with yellow flowers
Mātauranga Māori of kōwhai
an old black and white drawing of two people outside their hut
Climate change and impacts on biodiversity
the earth as a complex interrelated system with water, land, and air
Earth systems and climate change
the cover of our atmosphere and climate 2053, featuring a tree with red flowers
Our atmosphere and climate 2023
two pictures of green leaves in different stages of growth
Botany and botanists
a group of people sitting around a table with plants
Teach Indigenous knowledge alongside science
an article about the restoration of maurir's marsh
What is a knowledge system?
four bookmarks with different pictures of people in the woods and on land, one is reading
a poster on the wall that says dr t taka keggan with many different things in it
ChatGPT and Māori data sovereignty