Floating and sinking

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the world map shows that there are many different types of land cover in each country
Ocean salinity - SLH T&L RESOURCE
a red and white poster with the words tropical fresh water, tropical salt water, salt water in summer, salt water in winter
Ocean density
a man is holding something in his hand while standing next to a computer monitor and keyboard
Buoyancy in water
two glasses filled with blue liquid sitting next to each other on top of a table
Temperature, salinity and water density
a rubber duck floating in the ocean with blue sky and clouds behind it, as if from above
Floating and sinking – exploring forces
an animal toy in a blue container with balloons
Investigating floating and sinking
an image of a website page with different types of items on it and the caption below
an image of a group of people playing in the water with toys and other items
A sinking feeling
a diagram showing how to use the webpage for an article or book cover design
Understanding Buoyancy: Why Objects Float or Sink - TKI SCIENCE ONLINE
an animated image of the science channel logo
Floating and Sinking: How Objects Behave in Water / Titles and concept overviews / Building Science Concepts / Teaching resources / Home - Science Online
an inflatable flamingo floating on the water with instructions about how to float
Floating and sinking - how objects behave in water - SLH DIAGRAM
a large cruise ship in the ocean with two small boats near it and mountains in the background
Building Science Concepts: Floating and sinking