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four different shots of the ocean with stars on them and under water, from top to bottom
Secrets of Antarctic microbes
an image of a woman in white lab coat working with beakles and flasks
Researching uses of extremophiles - SLH VIDEO
an image of some different types of cell phone parts and their names in english or spanish
Catalysing chemical reactions with enzymes - SLH T&L RESOURCE
The Process, Being Used, You Think, Incoming Call, Incoming Call Screenshot
All about enzymes – SLH VIDEO
Cell Line, Digestive Enzymes, The Cell, Building Block, Student Activities, Speed Up, Building Blocks, How To Apply, Building
Salivary amylase and starch - SLH STUDENT ACTIVITY
four test tubes filled with green liquid and labeled in the same column, each containing different liquids
A comparison of homemade marinades - SLH STUDENT ACTIVITY
Fruit, Fruit Puree, Kiwi Fruit, Pineapple
a diagram showing the steps in how to use an eggplant for food storage
Digestive enzymes – SLH T&L RESOURCE
two pineapples cut in half on a white background
Fruit enzymes tenderise meat – SLH T&L RESOURCE
a washing machine with clothes sitting on top of it
Enzymes in washing powders – SLH T&L RESOURCE
the structure of a protein is shown in three different diagrams, each with an arrow pointing up
Restriction enzymes – SLH T&L RESOURCE
an image of some sort of substance in the web page, with caption that reads what is a protein?
What is a protein? – PDB VIDEO