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So you wanna be a scientist? Fancy yourself in a white coat in a biohazard lab? Or in a wetsuit built for ice diving in Antarctica? Or maybe you like building…
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Milly Grant-Mackie
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Invercargill student helps to launch more Kiwi women into space
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Pupils get glimpse of space careers
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Te Kōrero Mō Waihiko | Pre-Order Your Waihiko Te Reo Book Online
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Working in the space sector - SLH T&L RESOURCE
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Jessie Mckenzie — EDUCATOR
Jessie McKenzie recently left the Royal Society Te Apārangi after 14 years of service. NZASE Science Communicator Mike Stone outlines her work with and for teachers and for science education.
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Metrologists at MSL
Meet some of the metrologists who work at the Measurement Standards Laboratory by selecting one of the labels for further information. These highly skilled scientists are part of the team that provides calibration services, helps with research and development and ensures that New Zealand’s units of measurement are consistent with the SI – the International System of Units.
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Ngā Mahi Tiaki Taiao | Conservation Careers: Next Steps from ZEALANDIA
Download this PDF from ZEALANDIA – it brings together conservation careers from across Aotearoa New Zealand. Inside, it has tips for getting started, information on hands-on conservation jobs, training and degree options, as well as ideas for building your CV.
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ASK ABBY: What career options exist in Marine Science?
Professor Abby Smith answers some frequently asked questions about studying Marine Science at Otago University. Here she discusses career options.
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Cool Jobs: Poop investigators
From dino droppings to gut microbes to square poop, you can learn a lot by studying poos. Study something in a test tube, and scientists say that the research was performed in vitro. That’s Latin meaning “in glass.” Study it in a living body, and it’s in vivo (“in a living thing”). But what if your research has you poking around in poop? Scientists haven’t had a word for that — until recently. Introducing in fimo. This new scientific term describes experiments done on feces.
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Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment
Helen Durrant - ENGINEER PROFILE/CURIOUS MINDS. Helen is a front end engineer, mental health advocate and part time digital nomad, who works remotely for a Boston based healthcare analytics startup.
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Opportunities in the science technician workforce:Summary for Teachers
Opportunities in the science technician workforce: Summary for Teachers Help students find career opportunities in science. Match qualification level to science-rich roles. Find out what issues are important for career development. Do you have students interested in science who are not likely to go to university?
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Being a scientist in New Zealand
In this video Dr Katja Riedel of the National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research (NIWA) tells why she came to New Zealand to do atmospheric research in Antarctica.