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Totally want to do this for my best friends birthday because we have so many pictures together it's crazy

Beautiful and very personalized Christmas holiday decoration idea using a Christmas light and family pictures. Create your own heart shaped frame using Christmas lights and add your pictures.

1. Buy plates from Dollar Store  2. Write things with a Porcelain 150 Pen  3. Bake for 30 mins in the oven and it's permanent!

Buy plates from Dollar Store Write things with a Sharpie Bake for 30 mins in the oven @ 150 degrees and it's permanent! Put a recipe, verse or song lyric on it give as gift. Or "happy birthday" plates for the kiddos!

Rosa Parks - Civil rights activist

Rosa Parks was the most famous civil rights women activist. She refused to give up her seat on a segregated bus to a white passenger. By doing so she created a surge of courage in the United States which influenced hundreds of other civil rights activists

Rosa Parks at the beginning of the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Rosa Parks,Honoured only years later. Was a civil rights activist who refused to give her seat away to a white passenger on a 'coloured' section of the bus. Her act and the Montgomery bus boycott are important events to the civil rights movement.

Required Summer Reading

Funny pictures about Required summer reading. Oh, and cool pics about Required summer reading. Also, Required summer reading.

Homer Plessy - June 7th will mark the 120-year anniversary of the beginning of ‘Plessy v. Ferguson’

Homer Plessy, activist on the Bayou .Loser in Plessy V. Ferguson Case in US Supreme Court to uphold "Separate but Equal" statutes until the Civil Rights acts of the

Site where Plessy v Ferguson began

Site where Plessy v Ferguson began