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Pouring Station: an easy toddler activity

A no-cost, high fun toddler activity using just water and cups. Create a simple pouring station that will hold your toddler's attention for a long while.

RICE BIN: An easy way to entertain a toddler

RICE BIN: An easy way to entertain a toddler- seriously who has money just to dump rice into a bin.worth a try I guess.

You asked for it! Or at least one of you did, and I am always happy to help! Even though it might take me just a little while to get the post together (if you can classify 3 weeks as just a little while … please do, you kind souls). But low and behold I...Read More »

Use number magnets to press the needed number of pasta pieces on each straw Threading pasta onto straws for fine motor skill development

20 Simple Cardboard Box activities for kids! Perfect for all of those leftover boxes from the holidays. #3 will be a huge hit with your kids!

Box Crayons = Zen Activity for Two Year Old *Maybe modify by cutting adding a door! Putting a two-year-old in a box looks questionable ~ Haha!

Toddler activity

Toddler activity with playdoh, spaghetti noodles and cheerios Also dumb. I don't know a toddler who won't break that noodle.and eat the Cheerios. Good for fine motor skills and keeps them busy for a long time!