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Use this fun illustration to teach kids to be flexible instead of rigid! - nice illustration for the classroom!

Masking tape to make roads between the Little People Houses... that would entertain my kids for DAYS!

Make a rainy day activity kit filled with creative and inexpensive play prompts for kids.

Rainy Day Activities Using Cardboard Boxes - Great Recycled Cardboard Box Crafts for Kids on - I can't wait to try these!

Perfect for tactile and proprioceptive seekers. Turn this into a life-size sensory bin? Throw in larger letters and numbers? Give kids a scuba mask and ask them to go diving? So much fun!

Homemade Cardboard Car Ramp Made By Brooke: DIY activities for your kids. Ways to keep a toddler busy. Rainy day ideas. Mess free kid activities. Fun and cheap activities for kids.