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Joe’s Favorite Juice: Watermelon Pineapple Ginger | Reboot With Joe

INGREDIENTS: pineapple, cored and skin removed 2 large watermelon slices 1 in cm) piece of fresh ginger root DIRECTIONS: Wash all ingredients well. Remove rinds from watermelon and pineapple (optional). Juice all ingredients.

Juicing vs Blending Infographic

Juicing Vs Blending What's The Difference food healthy weight loss health healthy food healthy living smoothies eating blending fat loss juicing

Juice recipes

Using Food To Naturally Detox Your Systems. I don't advocate juicing in place of food, but rather as a compliment to a healthy diet. recipes for health

Wholesome Dinner Tonight: Kitchen Tip: How to store chopped onions {no more smelly fridge}

Kitchen Tip: store chopped onions in mason jars {no more smelly fridge!good to know for next time, because plastic just doesn't contain the odor!

Emi...   Cure Diabetes?  Perhaps help to control blood sugar.

Health Benefits of cucumber, which has a number of anti inflammatory and cooling properties for your body. This article also helps you know about the nutrition facts of Cucumber.

How to store fruits and vegetables

How to Properly Store Fruits and Vegetables. I love this chart! I found it on SPARKPEOPLE.COM and wanted to share it with all of you. Print this handy chart to keep in your kitchen so you can refer to it after every shopping trip.