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an electric guitar with the name nirvana on it's body and neck, in black and white
Drapeau NIRVANA - Jag Stand - Rock A Gogo
Drapeau NIRVANA - Jag Stand
madonna who's that girl album cover with blonde hair and red lipstick on her face
Who's That Girl? Movie Poster
Who's That Girl? Movie Poster - Internet Movie Poster Awards Gallery
the movie poster for no things i hate about you
The Play's the Thing: '10 Things I Hate About You: 10th Anniversary Edition'
** 10 Things I Hate About You. I can't wait to see this again. I love this movie.
an advertisement for heaters music featuring three women with microphones
Shop By Show | Heathers
Heathers The Musical Official Poster
the front cover of playbill's broadway musical show, starring an image of a pair of red high heeled shoes
theatre review KINKY BOOTS, Broadway, March 7
kinky boots | ... Broadway & Movie Blog: theatre review KINKY BOOTS, Broadway, March 7
the poster for west side story, which features two men climbing stairs and another man walking up
This item is unavailable - Etsy
West Side Story - Movie Musical Poster Print -13x19 - Vintage Movie Poster - Broadway Musical - Mid Century Modern Art
the rocky horror picture show poster with red lips and blood dripping down it's mouth
Grand Stafford Theater
"Im just a sweet transvestite from transexual Transylvania;)"
a movie poster for the film zombieland with an image of a man standing in front of a ferris wheel
Vintage Movie Posters by Mark Welser - Pondly
This was fun zombie flick. Liked the rules! Bill Murray? Meh. Woody H was great.
a movie poster for the film rocks that bleed with two men looking at each other
ROCKS THAT BLEED - a bertie gilbert film (2015)
ROCKS THAT BLEED - a film by bertie gilbert (2015)
a drawing of a woman with long red hair on the cover of lady bird magazine
Lady Bird (Greta Gerwig, 2017)
a poster for the playbill with an image of a man on top of a star
Listening to a Revolution: Hamilton Upends All Expectations for Words
Listening to a Revolution: Hamilton Upends All Expectations for Words : Vocabulary Shout-Out : Vocabulary.com
the movie poster for little miss sunshine features people running in front of a yellow van
Little Miss Sunshine (2006) ⭐ 7.8 | Comedy, Drama
Little Miss Sunshine-watched with Clearplay-I don't think I laughed once during this movie. I love dark and dry comedies (such as Wes Anderson, obviously) but this wasn't even close to funny, or quirky, or anything, really. Just disturbing and so, so, so crude. A very emotionless, empty film. 4 out of 10 stars.
the wizard of oz movie poster with three people in costume and one man dressed as an animal
The Wizard of Oz (1939) | Check Out Here
The Wizard of Oz, my dream is to one day own all these old movie posters!!!