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a teddy bear with the words you're so good at making me feel bad
a woman holding a voodoo doll in front of a red background with the words, my first voodoo doll really works
My First Voodoo Doll by stevenrhodes
My First Voodoo Doll
the joy of cooking book cover with an image of a woman holding a pot full of food
The joy of cooking
Steven Rhodes
an old children's book cover with the title everybody's doing the spider walk
Spider walk
Steven Rhodes
the children's book cover for let's start a cult with an image of a wizard and a teddy bear
My Little Occult Book Club by Steven Rhodes
Dark Humor Retro Illustrations by Steven Rhodes
Trippy, Halloween Art, Vintage Halloween, Cartoon, Halloween, Steven
Comics, Rhodes, The Mystery, Mystery, Book Cover, Comic Book Cover
Summon the Whole Steven Rhodes Collection