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a living room filled with furniture and a fire place under a painting on the wall
Pure Green
chalkboard table!
a glass jar filled with white stuff sitting on top of a tile floor next to a stone wall
~~~ Sharon Lovejoy
Dandelion Puffs: These wishes just wait on a shelf or kitchen counter until a sad child needs some love and encouragement. Then, it is off with the cap, eyes squinched closed for a wish, and a big huff. This cheers children any time they're sad–and it makes me happy just to see the dandelion puffs resting in wait. So sweet...
a bed sitting under a lamp next to a wall with writing on it
Adorable Baby Girl Nursery
Renters wallpaper. buy fabric (sheets are cheap) thumbtack in place, pour liquid starch into a paint pan, use roller to coat fabric (cotton works best) let dry, remove the thumbtacks and starch over the areas that you missed. Also do a second coat. when its time to move just peel off, and wash the wall. I think instead of wallpaper!
a piece of art hanging on the wall next to a toothbrush and paper clip
Skip the traditional picture frame and hang your favorite artwork with a dart!
a jar filled with white cotton balls sitting on top of a table
DIY Toilet Bombs To Deodorize And Kill Bacteria
DIY Toilet Cleaning Bombs - Deodorize & Kill Bacteria! Just Drop One in the Bowl; It's simply baking soda, citric acid and essential oils. Sounds easy enough to make a couple of dozen...#diy
a pink chair sitting in front of a dresser next to a wall with pictures on it
absolutely beautiful things
I like
a blue nightstand with a green book on top and black and white wallpaper behind it
How to Revive Old Furniture with Woven Wallpaper
take out the bottom drawer, and wallpaper the inside to create an awesome, unique design!
there are many different types of books on the shelves
Un cabecero de cama muy original
an electrical device mounted to the side of a wall
diy-- photo canvas alarm panel cover
Hinged canvas frame to cover ugly stuff on the walls. why didn't I think of this???
how to style a bookcase with three different styles and colors for the bookshelf
How-To achieve a well styled bookcase
A breakdown on how-to style a bookcase.
a mason jar hanging on the wall next to a window sill with an outlet
Homeschool Classroom Makeover
For flowers next to the kitchen sink/window! love this!
a jar with some kind of paper on it
15 Ways to Use Mason Jars!
15 Ways to Use Mason Jars (or reuse other glass jars)
a chalkboard sign on the side of a brick building with boots hanging from it
A chalkboard welcome sign for the front door, so love this!
a bathroom with newspaper wallpaper and a pedestal sink in the corner, next to a mirror
Fun Wallcovering Ideas
newspaper wallpaper