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a woman in a white shirt is looking at the camera
Emma Weekes | Watercolour teacher and Sketchbook maker on Instagram: "Let’s do some intuitive watercolour painting … But first of all, what is intuitive painting? Well, it’s kind of painting without a plan I guess. It’s putting paint to paper in whatever way feels good to you as you’re doing it. I’ve been struggling with burnout, adrenal fatigue, and hormonal imbalance. The stresses of life can play all sorts of havoc on our bodies can’t they?! Especially as women I think. Intuitive painting is healing. It’s therapeutic. It’s different for everyone, but for me it’s making marks on my paper of random shapes and blobs, watching the magic of watercolours as the colours run in to each other like old friends, moving and freely swirling my brush over the paper, and then sitting back an
a person is painting on paper with green leaves and then using a brush to paint it
Sushma Hegde on Instagram: "You asked for a beginner watercolor tutorial and here it is. I generally go in greater detail in my classes for beginners, but this is a good starting point if you've always found painting intimidating. 🖌️🌱 We've all been at that stage but I promise it gets less scary as you keep repeating the same movements over and over again. So here's your push to give it a go! If you're worried about what supplies to use, I've got a handy PDF guide with all the art supplies I personally use, as well as some budget-friendly options for beginners. You can snag it for FREE from the link in my bio or on my Instagram stories highlights under "Art Supplies". 🎨🖌️ . . #watercolortutorial #watercolorbotanicals #watercolorbeginner #wildflowerwatercolor #paintingtutorial #pai
someone is painting a flower with watercolors on paper
Watercolor Arist | Bree Copley on Instagram: "I hope you try this out! These really are the easiest watercolor tulips! Below is a list of supplies I used in this video … Comment “Tulip” if you would like the links. But first Here are some helpful tips for creating these. -Make sure the center petal is COMPLETELY DRY before you add the side petals. -And remember it’s totally ok if your petal doesn’t turn out right in one stroke of a brush. Just use the tip of your brush and a little more paint to get it to the shape you want. There is nothing wrong with adding to these steps. These simple steps are a a base to start out you can make your tulips to your liking. -you can also use these steps to make buds for many different flowers so play around with it using it it different ways
someone is painting with watercolors on paper and using a brush to paint the flower
Yen Victore | Watercolor on Instagram: "Watercolor Dahlia using @princetonbrush Neptune Round brush Let me know which flower should we paint next. :)"
a card with flowers on it sitting on top of a wooden board next to paintbrushes
Joly Poa on Instagram: "Watercolor card idea for Mother's Day 😍 #watercolorcards #mothersdaygiftideas #mothersdaycard #watercolorflorals"
an artist's palette and watercolors on a table with other art supplies
Joly Poa on Instagram: "A relaxing watercolor floral painting 🥰"
an image of a painting with trees and mountains in the background on a white surface
Ivet Z. on Instagram: "Would you try it?☺️ #paintinglandscape #paintinglandscapes #paintingsky #painting #watercolorlandscape #watercolorlandscapes #watercolorsky #watercolourlandscape #watercolourlandscapes #watercolourlandscapepainting #watercolorlandscapepainting #watercoloursky #watercolorist #watercolourist #watercolorart #watercolourart #watercolourartist #watercolorbeginner #watercolourbeginners #watercolorbeginners #watercolourbeginner #watercolourpractice #practicingwatercolor #practicewatercolor #practicepainting"
an art project with paint and watercolors on paper, next to a plant
Monali | Watercolour Artist on Instagram: "Sharing a floral bunch in watercolors using splatters which I had done long ago. Currently on vacation mode but will definitely try painting. #floralpaintingvideo #watercolor_daily #watercolorpainting #simplepaintings #artreels #instaartist #arttherapy Do you manage to paint when you are on a vacation?"
a person is writing on a piece of paper with the words 4 tips to paint a loose sunflower
Carrie on Instagram: "STRUGGLIN’ with sunflowers? I’m here to help! Comment below with your biggest sunflower struggles and I will reply with my best tips to make these lil’ cuties 🤗 #watercolortutorial #watercolorsunflower #learnwatercolor #watercolorwildflowers #paintsunflowers #drawsunflowers #sunflowerpainting #wetinwet #loosewatercolorflowers"
an art project with watercolors and paintbrushes in front of a tree
185K views · 11K likes | Mallery Jane I Watercolor on Instagram: "The secret to trees in watercolor is using a sponge 🧽 to do all the work of creating leaves/texture! I’ve had mine since college, they are artist ocean sponges and work amazing! #learnwatercolor #watercolorbeginner #watercolortutorial #easyart #cherryblossomtree"
someone is using scissors to paint flowers on paper
Watercolor Arist | Bree Copley on Instagram: "Be sure to save this easy to follow and watercolor cherry blossom tutorial and let me know if you try it! And if you enjoy these mini tutorials I would love for you to SHARE it🌸 Helpful watercolor tips: Before you start your main piece take time to practice your brush strokes and techniques and even break down and simplify the main components and the steps like in this video . It will help you get into the flow of things and get your hands and mind warmed up for the art you are wanting to create. Another helpful tips is to have references. A picture reference always works or even the real thing! Go grab a stem or two from outside observe and do a quick study. Creating from what you see and not what you know will help you achieve the ov
a person holding up a piece of paper with trees on it and another drawing in the background
Mallery Jane I Watercolor on Instagram: "How I use one point perspective for trees 🌲 Ready to learn to how to Watercolor?! Join me in Watercolor 101 with 5+ hours of prerecorded lessons that will get you confidently painting 🎨 #onepointperspective #watercolorillustration #watercolortutorial #howtodraw #learnwatercolor"
the video is showing how to paint peonies in watercolor
Yen Victore | Watercolor on Instagram: "DAY 3 Topic: How to Paint Peonies Affirmation: The more grateful you are, the more beauty you see. Find one thing you are grateful for today. It can be the smallest things - waking up to the sound of your loved ones, the first sip of coffee (or tea) in the morning, your pet running to greet you after a long, tiring day, finding some money in a pair of jeans you haven’t worn lately. It’s these little things that keep you going no matter how challenging life is right now. :) Supplies: Princeton Round Brush #6 Watercolors Watercolor Paper Participate in the Self-Care Watercolor Challenge, by doing the following • Follow @helloclariceg @sincerelyyen & @princetonbrush on IG • Take at least 15 minutes (each day) to affirm and paint along wit
Iveta Zdeňková on Instagram: "#easypainting #easypaintings #easypaintingideas #easywatercolor #easywatercolour #watercolorideas #watercolourideas #watercolorist #watercolorideas #watercolorbeginner #watercolorbeginners #simplepainting #simplepaintings #simplewatercolor #simplewatercolour #fastpainting #relaxingpainting" Easy Nature Drawings, Watercolor Landscape Tutorial
Iveta Zdeňková on Instagram: "#easypainting #easypaintings #easypaintingideas #easywatercolor #easywatercolour #watercolorideas #watercolourideas #watercolorist #watercolorideas #watercolorbeginner #watercolorbeginners #simplepainting #simplepaintings #simplewatercolor #simplewatercolour #fastpainting #relaxingpainting"