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some glass balls hanging from the side of a house with trees and bushes in the background
How to Make a Suncatcher with Beads
Layer cheap plastic (pony) beads in a cake pan (no liner necessary) melt at 400 for 20 minutes. Let cool and then just flip out. Drill a hole and ta da sun catcher! Got from fb 4/13
a glass sculpture made to look like a bunch of bottles
Easy to make Glass Sun Catchers!
requires: plastic lids for forms (smaller Pringle's can type lids worked best for us), Elmer's clear school glue, glass pieces, at least 2-3 days drying time, fishing line or cord for hanging
a group of glass spoons hanging from a wooden fence
How to Make DIY Hand Painted Wind Chimes
I recently volunteered myself to put together a class auction project for my daughter's 7th grade class. I decided on these beautiful wind chimes, made from un…
a suncather hanging from a window with the words mother's day on it
12 Mother’s Day Projects for Adults to make!
12 Mother's Day Projects for Adults to make!