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Yessssss baby | krabbyygirl
a woman wearing pink pants with an inscription on the back of her leg that reads, at this age i'm only interested in composity
Girls Building Empire Sweater - M
a notebook with some writing on it and numbers in the pages next to each other
an open bible verse book on top of a checkered blanket with the words,
Bible Verses for when
an open book with a heart drawn on the page and some words written in it
~Proverbs 3~
an image of a woman reading a book in bed with coffee and fruit on the side
God Made You Different - Rea Lakwatsera
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Tupac Shakur Quotes. 2pac Quotes On Dreams, Honour, Success, Rap, And People. Powerful Short Quotes
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ric. on Twitter
an open book with the words i smiled we were under the same sky at least
the trouble is, you think you have time buddha quote on white paper with black ink
War - 11.