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Some people say pixie cuts are unfeminine. Which is ridiculous. Look at Mia Farrow. 21 Women Who Are Really Pulling Off This Pixie Haircut Thing

Todays 60s hair make up inspiration from Jean Shrimpton,

flipyourwig: Jean Shrimpton has her hair done by celebrity hairdresser Leonard loving all these pictures of celebrities being styled. So good.

Sharp side angle 60s cut

Perfect - New haircut today, I will miss Shep but I'm sure Cowboys & Angels will treat me just fine.

60s hair

1967 Gossamer hair spray advertisement - how did they manage these elaborate styles?

Todays 60s hair inspiration, this wonderfully over the top style

The early - mid hair cascade -- I would take mine down to the beauty salon and leave it to be 'fixed' into a new do and have it put on for those important school and country club dances - I sort of lost favor with mine tho by Sure was a pile -o-hair!