Ninjago Quotes

The episodes have the best lines. Funny, serious, sad; they're all on point.
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the lego movie characters are in front of a large screen with a quote on it
"I took an oath not to fight, but I will still defeat you." - Garmadon
the lego movie is about to be released
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
the lego movie characters are in different languages
All credits to Amália. This is awesome!
there's an valuable lesson here, son if you turn your back on your evil sense and never to go straight
Garmadon may be regretting his choice of turning his back on his evil sensei. We all know how much he wants those creamy biscuits.
two legos sitting on top of a pile of bricks with a caption that reads, without risk they'll never know how far they truly go
Sensei Wu quote.
a person with an umbrella in front of a building and the words, no one ever said being a hero is easy though our good seeds may never make us
"No one ever said being a hero is easy. Though our good deeds may never make us rich, they make us rich in other ways."
the text is written in white on a black background with an image of a star
Even in the darkness we have the choice to reflect the light -Zane
the lego movie characters are depicted in four different colors and font styles, each with an individual's name
Aww! Ninjago quotes.
two legos with the caption, we're sitting ducks uh, ducks can fly, cole
a cartoon character with text that reads just another day in ninjao? on it
Erraday - Ninjago Jay
an image of a man holding a green lantern in front of the words ninja never quits
Erraday - Ninjago Lloyd
an anime poster with the words,'worth fighting for ninja and i'll be ready
Erraday - Ninjago Kai
the words appear to be written in spanish on a black background with red, yellow and blue
Ninja Go! Ninja Come on come on come and do the Weekend Whip!!
the words i am a android and ninja never quitt on a light blue background
Ninja Never Quit by neonjays on DeviantArt
Ninja Never Quit by Neon-Frost on deviantART