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Phichit is just the best wingman ever. If they do a season 2 I want to see more of this adorable boy

“chillin’ is probably the right word ” and I headcanon that during their Detroit Skating Club days Yuuri and Phichit were a lot like JD and Turk from Scubs (Yuuri and Yuuko tried to.

Yuri!!! on Ice | Yuri x Victor | after the credits on episode 3 ^_^

These dorks I stg. And this happened on episode 3 after the credits if anyone's wondering, you're welcome .

Viktor and Yuri, Yuri!!! On Ice and oh boi this anime is making the history

I laughed at this the first time I looked at it because I thought of the Nemo seagulls.

8 years later at 23 Yurio still has no chill

Hahhaha Yurio coming in like whaaam Vikturi Yuri on ice They grow old together Kawaaiii


Yuri on ice/ Yuri Katsuki and Victor Nikiforov