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a brick with writing on it that says, sky above me earth below me fire within me
Fire! Phoenix always rises from the ashes!
a woman is walking her dog across the brooklyn bridge
Score808 (Live Stream): Your Ultimate Sports Statistics Companion
/ 10 Places to See, Eat and Shop in New York City
the water is crystal blue and clear with some people swimming in it at the bottom
Kayangan Lake, Coron islands, Palawan, Philippines
a large building next to a river with boats in the water and lights on it
The Most Photographed Places in Europe
Our ship docked about here in Budapest. We absolutely loved this city and want to go back! (mkc via izabella szuromi)
two people sitting on rocks in front of a small waterfall with water running down it
Must-Do Vanuatu: An (Almost) Untouched Paradise
Mele Cascades and Waterfalls, on Efate, Vanuatu. Photo by David Kirkland/Vanuatu Tourism Office
several people are tubling down a river in an area with lots of trees and water
Waterbom Bali: Still The #1 Waterpark In Asia
I am not sure how many times we have been to Waterbom, but it never gets old. A lot had changed in the last 3 years since our previous visit. Find out why TripAdvisor now rates Waterbom Bali as the best waterpark in Asia. #Bali #Waterbom #Waterpark
an old castle perched on top of a cliff overlooking the ocean
All things Europe
Bonifacio, Corsica, France