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I have been looking for a healthy treat that will satisfy my cravings for something sweet at night. I ran into an easy and inexpensive solution: Frozen Yogurt-Covered Blueberries! You will need a carton of blueberries and Greek Yogurt-that’s it! I have seen some sites suggest adding a little honey or Splenda to boost the …

Frozen Blueberries / Ingredients:Frozen yogurt covered blueberries - ingredients - 1 Container of fresh blueberries - 1 container nonfat blueberry Greek yogurt. NOTE: I have also used honey, vanilla and strawberry. All are delish!


This is my life!or how to use Excel. or how to use Word. or how to fix the copy machine. or how to send a fax.


This was true for me today. Actually, this whole sticking week. Funny Reminders Ecard: Some days should come with a warning label: Today is going to suck, so bring alcohol.


I sooooo feel this way.hate talking in the early morning. Just give me my coffee and let me surt the net.

My job is: slowly crushing my soul. Humor Train - Funny Pictures, Pic Dumps, Animals and GIFs.