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a drawing of a dragon with an intricate design on it's chest and tail
Taniwha by Primeink on DeviantArt
Taniwha by Primeink
a drawing of a snake on top of a piece of paper with the letter s in it
Arm piece
an animal with geometric designs on it's body and tail, sitting in the shape of a squirrel
a set of green swirls and leaves on white background stock photo - budget conscious
Download Koru Icons Vector for free
Polynesian Art, Maori Symbols, Ethnic Art
Taranaki figure types
four different designs in the form of letters and numbers, including one with an animal's head
Taranaki manaia
an intricately designed pair of earrings is shown in the shape of a bird and flowers
four stickers with different designs on them in a shadow box next to a clock
an artistic drawing of two cats with swirly designs on their body, one is blue and the other is purple
Ngake rāua ko Whātaitai ngā taniwha o Whanganui-a-Tara / Ngā Pakiwaitara Māori, me ngā Pūrākau Onāianei / Te Reo Māori / Rauemi tautoko / Kāinga - Mātauranga Māori
a black and white drawing of a swan with swirls on it's back
a coloring page with an image of a fox holding a snake in it's mouth
an ornate design with swirls and curls