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three different views of a modern house in the woods
This New California House Makes Itself At Home In The Forest
This home, designed as a secluded and relaxing environment for a family, has plenty of outdoor room and combines wood with black elements for a dramatic color palette.
an old fashioned car parked on the side of a street next to a brick wall
an old suitcase with books and a camera on it sitting in the grass next to a tree
Fall Dessert Party With Girl Friends
What we like: art in nature plus vintage feel. We have hope chest, suitcases, watering cans
the words winter is coming written in white on a blurry background with trees and snowflakes
Wishing you a fabulous new year....
Wishing you a fabulous new year's eve....
several pineapples floating in a pool of water
stayy0ungandwild: marquenette-devona: stayy0ungandwild: sororitysugar: summer. Why are you throwing fruit in a pool stayy0ungandwild aesthetics Fucking tumblr
the word i'm prisoner written in white letters surrounded by soap bubbles
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Childhood memories of carefree days filled with tea parties, building forts, games of hide and go seek until the sun began to set and running through fields chasing sun-kissed iridescent soap bubbles…
an empty road in front of a mountain covered in fog and clouds with trees on both sides
Yosemite National Park, California
Yosemite National Park, California - places to see