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Key hook Pig head wall hanger for keys glasses by thejunglehook

Wall hooks - Elephant wall hook: playful plywood elephant head wall hanger for coats, bags, hats, & backpacks -safari nursery, elephant gift

This doorstop by Belgian designer Cas Moor is shaped like a tiny bird. #design

doorstop by Belgian designer Cas Moor is shaped like a tiny bird

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Creative Writing - Trapped in a Snow Globe! Use a clear plastic bowl for the globe and Epsom salt for the snow. Have students write their own stories for what would happen if they were stuck in a snow globe.

Math Art Projects. Fishing-For-Angles: Students construct a fish out of a circle, using a protractor to create its mouth (make sure each kid creates a different angle).Students go fishing for angles! When they catch a fish, they use a protractor and figure out the angle of its mouth. They write down the type of fish they caught (e.g., 30-degree angle). They keep their fish. If they can't figure out the angle, they throw their fish back! Whoever has the most fish wins!

Fishing for angles math center activity. Combining art and math. Kids make their own fish out using protractors, then they put them all together and play the game.

Sketchbook Activity: 'line as movement'- black paint in glue shapes filled with acrylic - to compose, first get students to draw animals in movement (look at animals in art) then weave an undulating continuous line reflecting the movements with dynamic lines coming off the page - yr 7-8

Koi Joi by Sharon Cummings. This would be a great art project for kids. Draw fish first, add wavy lines and shapes, then color with media of choice!

Fish Art Print - Pop Art - Geometric pattern, Kids room decor, Drawings illustration, Children room decor, Baby nursery room art, Home Decor

Colorful Fish Art Print - Pop Art - Wedding gift Kids room Art Children room decor Baby nursery room art Birthday Gift Home Garden Decor

'Simple Perspective' project! by kayla

grade I just did a 'One Point Perspective' project, so I might have to try this 'Simple Perspective' project!