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John Green is awesome! I loved this book!!

We wouldn't have leaks without John Green!

First of all, I agree, John Green is an attractive guy. Second, this is hilariously hilarious. The best game on tumblr, and all the internet ever: Is that John Green?

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I know this contains spoilers and I haven't read City of Fallen Angels or Lost Souls yet. But I mean come on this is hilarious.

the mortal instruments. Aghh city of heavenly fire come to meeee. (Spoiler: do not read on)Except there wont be many Clace scenes since.Jace is on fire. (You read on didnt u? U little rebel.

I like how his socks don't even match. It completes it somehow.

I like how his socks don't even match. It completes it somehow. << my socks never match. I personally think that he's still eating his Twinkie is what completes it but the docks help.

Zookeepers Are Cool Now

Funny pictures about Zookeepers Are Cool Now. Oh, and cool pics about Zookeepers Are Cool Now. Also, Zookeepers Are Cool Now photos.

Edward: Soy un vampiro Simon: Yo también Edward: Tengo una chica Simon: Yo tengo dos Edward: Nosotros tenemos hombres lobo Simon: Nosotros también. ¿Qué hay sobre hadas? ¿brujos? Edward: ... Simon: ¿Cazadores de sombras? Edward: Bueno, yo brillo en el sol Magnus: BRILLO? ALGUIEN DIJO BRILLO? Jjajajajajajajaj este loquillo de Magnus

take that Twilight! with all due respect to the Twihards. tmi is so much better than twilight! (Like every other fandom in the world)


New favorite joke: A Roman walks into a bar, holds up two fingers, and says "Five beers, please." "I don't get it." "No one explain it.