Ngametua Payne

Ngametua Payne

Ngametua Payne
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Elements: Principle:

Image: New Zealand Art Print News: Woodcut prints by Annie Smits Sandano

Zayn, we respect ur decision of leaving and support you.

Elements: Form I Shape I Texture . Principle: Value I Balance.

NIGEL BROWN Home Gardener No. 2 elements are line patterns, mark, tone principle are composition, variety, balance

Elements: Size I Color I Shape. Principle: Value I Balance I Variety.

Nigel Brown Kiwi Lifestyle Hand-coloured woodcut 900 x Elements: line, color, shape, space Principles: symmetrical balance

Elements: Colour I Shape I Texture I Size Principles: Value I Unity

This art work by Claus Oldenburg called the flying pins made in In this painting the artist showsan illusion by drawing pins smaller.

Elements: Colour I Shape I Size I Texture Principle: Value I Variety

Richard Killeen, Destruction of the Circle, 1990