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a bedroom with bunk beds and shelves on the wall
What We're Loving: November Edition
a bedroom with bunk beds and pillows on top of each bed in front of a window
One-Of-A-Kind Interiors by Collins Interiors
a bedroom with bunk beds and blue walls
a white desk with a laptop on it in front of bookshelves and baskets
Boys' Industrial Farmhouse Playroom-Reveal - Chesapeake Chic
there is a desk with two computers on it and bookshelves above the desk
DIY Modern Natural Wood Block Stools
an open box sitting in the grass next to a wooden fence and some plants on top of it
Hidden Storage Below Deck in Large Drawers | StashVault - Secret Stash Compartments
two red chairs sitting in front of a white book shelf filled with books and other items
Camber, des placards et un service sur mesure.
Camber – Photos : Découvrez les réalisations de Camber en image : chambres, dressings ou encore bibliothèques. Trouvez votre placard sur mesure !
a blue bench sitting on top of a tarp covered ground next to a parking lot
Simple DIY Kid's Bicycle Rack with Helmet Storage
Eat. Sleep. DIY
two black trunks are sitting on the grass near a wooden deck with white railings
An economical and clever storage solution which transforms the unused space under your patio into a sturdy and functional drawer. Easily harmonized: cover its exterior with the same covering as your deck and it blends into your decor. Supports a spread out load up to 250 pounds, it can store numerous articles: umbrellas, tires, toys, pool chemicals & accessories... Easy to open and close (even for a child) due to the ball-bearing slides and a metal handle (lockable)
a man sitting in front of a fire pit
Take in the Outdoors with a Solid Covered Deck or Patio
Here are a few of the many benefits of a Deck or Patio cover.